Coach teachers in and model design and implementation of technology-enhanced learning experiences using a variety of research based, learner-centered instructional strategies and assessment tools to address the diverse needs and interests of all students

As a classroom teacher, my math instruction was based on a blended learning model to better allow me to serve the needs of all learners in my fourth grade classroom. Using iPads and laptops, I was able to design a blended learning rotation to focus instruction with smaller groups of students. This work was done in collaboration with another teacher at my grade level.

Then when he moved to a new school, I was able to help the new teacher establish blended learning rotation groups with her classroom so that she could use a blended learning model in math as well. Since I was working as a classroom teacher at the same time, I didn’t find that I had sufficient time to act only as a coach, however, since we shared the same planning period we were able to meet often. In addition to our meetings I was able to partner with the math coach to work with my new grade level partner to collaboratively plan math instruction for our groups.  

During this time, I also reflected on my implementation of a blended learning model in a blog post. In my post you can read further about my experience teaching in a blended learning classroom and and how students can record instructional videos to teach each other and demonstrate their learning. I did find that many students were interested in finding and recording videos to aid in the learning happening in the classroom. Furthermore, students could demonstrate their learning through formative assessments after watching my instructional videos if they wanted, instead of making their own videos. The instructional videos and formative assessments were able to be easily shared via Google classroom and it also helped me as a teacher know how well my students were understanding particular math concepts.

For more information about blended learning see my complete post Video Integration into Google Classroom

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