Coach teachers in and model incorporation of research-based best practices in instructional design when planning technology-enhanced learning experiences

As a way to address the Standard ISTE-C 2f, I wrote about my 4th grade classroom and how I might change my instruction, classroom environment and planning in order to facilitate deeper learning. In my post, I advocate for students to be co-constructors of knowledge and eventually allowing them to direct their own learning. For my classroom, it made sense to first work on changing the environment to allow that learning. Next, I acknowledged that my instruction had changed over time from teacher directed to more learner directed. Then I set some goals for my next steps and shared them with instructional coaches in my building. In sharing my thinking, I learned that they too were eager to help students engage in this kind of learning. As a coach now myself, their eagerness gives me hope for my coaching work. I believe that there are teachers who have been slowly changing their teaching and want to move to the next step. Maybe all they need is a conversation and to partner with a coach. Iā€™m hoping that in my second year of coaching, some of those teachers will share their ideas with me and together we can make some shifts in their planning and instruction to continue to further the learning of students.

For more information on my incorporation of research-based best practices for enhanced learning experiences with technology see my complete post Deeper Learning and Formative Assessment

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