Coach teachers in and model effective use of technology tools and resources to continuously assess student learning and technology literacy by applying a rich variety of formative and summative assessments aligned with content and student technology standards

My work as a classroom teacher involved formative and summative assessment and a variety of tools to assess. Formative assessment is necessary for teachers to make adjustments in daily instruction before end of unit summative assessments. They give both teachers and students the ability to readjust to maximize learning. I discussed formative assessments in a variety of posts over my time in the Digital Education Leadership (DEL) program. In my post on deeper learning and formative assessment, I highlight the use of Socrative to automatically grade formative assessments. Since writing that post, the same features are now available in Google Forms which is useful for schools that are G Suite for Education users. That way, teachers are able to use a formative assessment tool that is suitable for their infrastructure and adapts to a variety of subjects. Another way to assess students is through instructional video. Using video in the classroom allows teachers to assess students in a number of ways. Students can comment on videos to demonstrate understanding or they can create their own videos to show how well they understand a concept or concepts. By incorporating a variety of tools for formative assessment into the classroom, we give our students the opportunity to demonstrate many student technology standards. We also give them the opportunity to learn new tools and maybe even become creators of content in the classroom.

For more information on how technology may be used to continually assess student learning see my complete post Deeper Learning and Formative Assessment or Video Integration into Google Classroom

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