Design, develop, and implement technology rich professional learning programs that model principles of adult learning and promote digital age best practices in teaching, learning, and assessment

Like some previous standards and indicators, I see ISTE-C 4b as work that may have been done in the past but is also ongoing. Designing, developing and implementing technology rich professional learning and modeling adult principals is something instructional technology coaches should always be striving to improve upon. As an instructional technology coach for one year I have demonstrated this standard in my work and will continue to do so with future projects. This year we have planned and will hold a digital learning institute for elementary and secondary teachers where they will present on tools or practices they use in their classrooms. We are recruiting teachers to lead professional learning session for our institute. In addition to recruiting teachers my department is offering additional paid planning to teachers where we will collaborate with them to “model principles of adult learning and promote digital age best practices in teaching, learning, and assessment,” (ISTE, 2011).

Additional work that our department is contributing to that demonstrates our commitment to ISTE-C 4b is our school based technology professional learning. Our work will: give teachers a chance to provide input, be needs based, and value experiences of participants (Culatta, n.d.). In addition to school based PD, we have developed online PD modules and continue to develop new modules based on new tools used by teachers, teacher feedback, or from our own learning. These online modules give us the opportunity to provide both online and physical badges that allow teachers to show competency in certain areas. Recently we’ve discussed adding microcredentialing as a way to show modules they have completed through autonomous self-directed learning. I discuss professional development models that were using badges and microcredentialing in my post Still Re-Thinking Professional Development. To read more about those two practices click on my post below.

For more information see my complete post Still Re-Thinking Professional Development


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