Model effective classroom management and collaborative learning strategies to maximize teacher and student use of digital tools and resources and access to technology-rich learning environments

In my math instruction I was able to take advantage of iPad and computer carts in my classroom to allow students in my class to move from a 3:1 to a 1:1 student per computer ratio. Along with housing carts in my room, during that time I grouped students and provided resources to help answer their questions individually so that they were able to independently complete practice problems based on instruction received from a lesson with access to instructional videos to reteach strategies as needed. This process involved flexibility on my part and on the part of my students. We used rotating groups as a way to make sure each student had each of the three kinds of learning activities daily. One group reviewed a video to learn about a concept, I was able to teach a second small group and a third group worked independently. Using this model of instruction in my math block required collaborative learning from students because there were times where students had to rely on each other or the technology we used to understand concepts until they worked with me later in the day. Their ability to work collaboratively allowed me to implement this instructional model.

In my post Screencasting in the Classroom: Using Video for School Based PD with Staff and Students I touch on how important management is to the effective use of digital tools for students and teachers. In my post I discuss how I have used instructional videos and screencasts with students. In order to use them effectively, I found that a rotation worked well for most of my class. That way different groups used devices at different times, depending on their learning rotation. This model also allowed some students to move forward independently by watching videos at home and completing work and formative assessments at home or at school.

In my post Video Integration into Google Classroom I share how using Google Classroom in a particular way allows for the categorization of videos to support student learning effectively. In addition to posting videos in one place, I decided to teach my students the ctrl + f function because it is a useful way to search for information in a page. This allowed my class to more easily find and view videos posted in Google Classroom. As a teacher, figuring out a way to break down complicated concepts into smaller chunks, and giving that information to students is a useful strategy; this can be done through video instruction. Teaching through video is convenient and engaging and may even lead to students recording their own instructional videos.

For more see my complete post about Screencasting in the Classroom: Using Video for School Based PD with Staff and Students or Video Integration into Google Classroom

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